Friday, May 3, 2013

Lesson 3: How to Change the Eye Color in Pixlr

Lesson 3: How to Change the Eye Color in Pixlr 


Changing the eye color in the image is a simple however, there are few tricks. I will highlight them to reduce the incorrect moves. Of course, we have very friendly, helpful tool which is Undo (Ctrl + Z)

1) Open the Pixlr Advance

2) Open an image which has a clear eye color. I will use the image in this URL:

eye color change

3) If the eye is not so clear try to change the image size or zoom in to the eye. It is not necessary for my picture. You can use the Zoom Tool (Z) or Change the image size which is Lesson 2.

4) After getting a clear eye image use the Lasso tool (L) to surround the eye.  It could be hard to do that at first but your hand will get used to it. 

Eye color change

5) Go to Edit and Click Copy (Ctrl + C)

Pixle eye color copy

6) Open a new layer from the Layer Menu on the right of the screen and middle of the Navigator and History Menu. You can open a new layer by clicking the new layer button near the Trash image (Delete layer)

pixlr layer menu

7) Then Click Paste (Ctrl + V) in the Edit Menu

8) The eye image that you surrounded by Lasso Tool will show up. Then use the Move Tool (V) to put the eye in the exact place as original

Pixlr Color selector

9) After moving the new eye in the original place. Open the Color Selector which is shown in the previous picture. Then choose a color

10) Click on the Brush Tool (B) which is at the Tool Menu and arrange the size of the Brush according to your eye size. You have fit the eye on the brush. You can arrange the size of the brush bu using the gray strip under the Menu. (Top of the Website). Use the Diameter tool in the Brush menu.

Brush diameter set

11) After getting the exact size of the brush on the eye click once. The Eye will be the color that you choose before.
Brush use in Pixlr

12) Click the Toggle Layer Settings in the Layer Menu. A menu will be show up Click to the Normal and make it "Darken". Then arrange the Opacity above the "Darken" menu as you like.

Pixlr Darken opacity

 13) Ta da!!! Green Eye :) :) :) 
        I changed my mind last minute

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Additional image for #12: 


  1. I don't understand what step #12 does. Also, why did the pupil of the eye stay black but the rest changed to green? Thanks!

    1. Hello carla,

      Sorry for the late reply. The reason why the pupil is still same is that black is the most dominant color of the world. You cannot make it darker. I also post additional image for #12. Hope it will help :)

  2. Great post! My brown eyes are starting to turn green, it's the strangest thing. Keep up the good work here!

  3. Hye
    Can you add tutorial for android app

  4. Hey! This is a great tutorial, however, when I tried to make a brown eye blue, it didn't look like a normal eye. It was obvious the original eye color was brown because you could see some brown in the blue. And the blue itself looked like a dark, kind of faded, eye covering thing, not like an actual blue eye. Help?

  5. Thank you for this tutorial, very helpful!. Greetings from

  6. Great tutorial - but after step 13 you can also use the eraser tool to bring back the catchlights in the eye and get rid of any areas you coloured in error.

  7. Great tutorial. You can also use the eraser tool after step 13 to bring back the catchlights in the eye and get rid of any areas which were coloured in error.

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  10. Photo retouching especially on the eye is very sensitive. The entire image changes if the perfection is lost. Great article

  11. The tutorial really helped. Appreciated!

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